The ten worst writing tips I’ve received

I like this list MUCH better than I do any list of things TO do. I can’t agree more on the utter uselessness of joining established critique groups. In my experience, you get one person saying, “You describe too much,” another ‘You didn’t describe enough,” and then they spend an hour arguing over that. Find people you trust, and show them your work. The exception proving the rule is Scribophile. If you can afford that site, it’s very useful to join.

Beyond that, there is much useful crushing of canards in this article. Heartily endorsed.

Suffolk Scribblings

Danger Bad Advice Ahead

The problem with writing advice is that every writer is different. This leads to lots of advice being passed around, often with the type of reverence reserved for holy scripture, that may be of limited use, or at worst, incredibly harmful to a new writer. Following on from my Ten Most Valuable Writing Tips I’ve Received, I thought I’d share the ten worst. Again, this very subjective. I’m sure there will be one or two tips listed here that some of you swear by (or according to number 3, by which some of you swear). The best advice a writer can receive is to go with what works for you. The following definitely didn’t work for me.

Write what you know

This is an incredibly frustrating piece of advice. We have been blessed with a wonderful imagination yet when starting out as a writer you’re told to stick to what you know. How many wonderful…

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