It’s Time The Gloves Came Off

There is nothing nice in the Social Justice Warriors tactics. Nothing civil. Nothing JUST in the proper sense of the word. And only social in the sensee they have co-conspirators.

Most people do not understand how deep-seated the hatred in these self-appointed prophets of ‘tolerance’ and ‘coexistence’ truly is. But ask yourself this question: Do you really think the Politically Correct believe that their opponents have the right to be wrong? A right they will defend?

There is the accumulation of power, and their own bloated self-interest. Nothing else matters.

According To Hoyt


So yesterday Jason Mattera went off after IRS crap… oh, sorry, ex-IRS crapweasel with questions on her front lawn. Instead of standing and facing the music – and yes, I know you’re surprised to hear the woman who took the fifth with her nose in the air, the woman who miraculously lost two hard drives to avoid proof of her malfeasance surfacing – she ran and with her usual respect for other’s property tried to barge into someone else’s house to escape mattera.

Glenn Reynolds posted the link with the question, “Is it right for him to do this?”

I will own myself surprised. I’ve been in the US for thirty years, just about, and I’ve haunted the forums of the libertarian right since there have been forums to haunt, starting with Reason magazine back in the day.

The proportion of those saying that no, no one should…

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2 thoughts on “It’s Time The Gloves Came Off

    • Oh really? Who provided examples and a clear discussion, and who resorted to typical Alliskyite insults?

      If anything, you just proved her point. The Glittering Ho-Hahs can’t engage in thoughtful discussions. Don’t defend their beliefs without attacking others. And won’t entertain the openness of mind that demonstrates intellectual curiosity.

      It’s as despicable as it is slothful. Pathetic as it is unintelligent. So please, next time you come to troll my site, at least attempt a serious discussion.

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