When ignorant snobs attack

And why did I reblog about Toni Weisskopf last night? Because it’s been part of “the Cause” to attack Baen for daring to sell stories that make money. And to claim they’re a “right wing” catering house. Mind you, Eric Flint is a Trotskyite, and he publishes at Baen. Daring to publish stories the Glittering Ones do not approve of results in much gnashing of teeth.

Brad R. Torgersen

Tonight I chanced across this smelly little gem:

Baen books specialises in works of “military SF” that, behind their appalling prose styles and laughable retro cover designs, speak to a right-wing readership who can recognise the enemies of America even when they are disguised as cannibal lizard aliens. Baen’s chief editor Toni Weisskopf went so far as to issue a diatribe against any and all sci-fi that did not pander to this conservative agenda.

I won’t feed this particularly empty ego any more than is necessary, suffice to say that the individual who wrote this obviously does not read very many (if any?) actual Baen books by actual Baen authors, nor do I think this person has actually read any such “diatribe” by my editor at Baen. In fact, I can state with certainty that the words “Toni Weisskopf” and “diatribe” do not belong in the same ZIP code. You…

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11 thoughts on “When ignorant snobs attack

    • The cretin can’t finish a book in 4 years with a government grant to write it. Yet he’s allowed to comment on the state of writing. What a waste.

      He is everything that’s wrong with fandom.

      • Well, seeing as there are no typos or misspellings, you have no evidence of dyslexia. For the record, I can misspell in five languages, including two ancient ones. So that linguistic aptitude rules out ADHD as well. In fact, I hope you don’t intend on a career in psychology, because you’ve utterly misdiagnosed me. If I tend toward anything, it’s OCD.

        As for my giant ego, I’m not the one who assumed that what a person SAID and what they MEANT were completely opposite one another. Let alone the person who ADMITTED to libel online. If you want to defend such a cretin, feel free. I for one, would rather side with the truth rather than someone so blinkered by ideology they can’t read a clear statement without twisting it completely out from what was said.

        I’m also not the person who tosses around unproven accusations and insults to try to score points. So that may be projection on your part. If you want to come to my front door lobbing hand grenades, you should at least pull the pin and make sure I can’t simply toss it back at you first.

      • He actually said he was dyslexic and had ADHD. I guess that’s why he has no taste in literature and won’t read anything that requires some effort to understand.

      • “Taste” is literature is a very subjective thing. I for one, do not approve of ‘fiction’ where message subsumes story. Allegory, intentional or not, is a shell game. If I want to be ‘educated’ I’ll read non-fiction. Which I do copiously.

        The entire idea that fiction needs to ‘challenge’ and ‘educate’ is absurd. Fiction exists to TELL STORIES. The story may or may not ‘challenge.’ But if the tertiary interests crowd out the main, the work has *failed*.

        And yes, on those grounds Ancilliary Justice is a failure. It’s all about ideas, and not enough weight in the story to justify them. As I told Tom, I think Atlas Shrugged–and most of Ayn Rand’s literature–failed on similar grounds. It’s not a left-right issue to me. It’s a misunderstanding of the nature of myth and storytelling.

  1. Actually, I have pretty good taste. For example, Clamps, I can recognize your efforts as the ineffectual ramblings of a psychotic gerbil chasing imaginary characters across a keyboard enough to bang out something that almost resembles English.

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