Books on Sale, Cheap!

Big Sale. Lots of value!

Cedar Writes

When was the last time you could pick up a novel for only three dollars? Much less nearly one hundred of them? Oh, I don’t expect that you will buy ALL of the ones on the list, but it’s the first annual Labor Day Independents Book Sale!

For a full list of titles and authors, check this out, compiled by the ever-patient Amanda Green.

For a shorter list of Mad Geniuses, look here. Yes, Trickster Noir, The Eternity Symbiote, and Vulcan’s Kittens are on that list for only $2.99! (I think I’m running out of exclamation points)

But wait, there’s more! 

Starting tomorrow, my best-selling novel Pixie Noir will be on sale for less than a dollar (okay, a penny less than a dollar, but technically…) and over the next few days it will incrementally rise a little at a time to the original price of just less…

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