I Generally Try to Refrain From Politics on This Blog

Not because you can’t guess my politics if you haven’t been stalking me about the internet already. Or even because I’m ashamed of them, because I’m not. But because generally, I believe in writing fiction as an escape from the morass of the real world which our political class has created.

That said, when one article so finely encapsulates everything wrong with the publishing industry, it cannot be ignored: http://hotair.com/archives/2014/08/13/report-simon-schuster-imprint-rejected-book-about-bergdahl-because-it-would-make-obama-look-bad/

Look folks, even if you love Obama, he will NOT be in office forever. At some point, posterity deserves to know the general facts of his regime, as opposed to the manufactured Palace Guard narrative we live under now. It’s not the soldiers’ fault that Dear Leader traded five certifiable Jihadists for one deserter-cum-wannabe Jihadist. They were the ones stuck holding the sack of carp that resulted in trying to get traitorous deserter BACK. Some of them may have even got dead thanks to him. I haven’t heard an apology from Bergdahl or his family to those soldiers. Have you?

Regardless of your politics, this was botched. And the story of the people caught in the very real crossfire deserves to be told. It would also be a story, if well-written, that would make money. Now if the publisher thought it was poorly told and didn’t want it for that reason, that would be understandable.

But no. The editor clearly squelched it for Political reasons. Because Obama forbid anyone paint their idol in a bad light. This can’t be published because the “right” would use this against him. Mind you, it’s not like the story wasn’t going to be told anyway. But you know, then they’d be accused of abetting the political opposition. Can’t have that.

So profit? Nah. We don’t want that. Political Correctness? Oh yes. We’ll have that. By the boatload. Narrative choice over story? Yeah, that’s good too.

And this is why Traditional Publishing is circling the drain, and can’t even figure out why.

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