And in Today’s Addition to the Amazon/Hachette Debate

We learn that

1) Hachette is VERY bad at math.

2) Amazon is being asked to take LESS than the 30% share they were being forced to take when Hachette was involved in an illegal price-fixing scam. Oh wait, they’ve been dropping lie/hints saying Amazon wanted 50%…when they didn’t.

3) Hachette is, of course, underpaying its authors on E-books. But we knew this already.

4) Hachette wants e-books priced higher than print, even though they already did the work for the print version. Oh wait, that means fewer e-books will sell, which means less total money for *everyone,* because fewer total sales by a larger percentage than the price drop.

5) Hachette must have some *very* bad accountants to be fighting this deal. And all the abused authors siding with them need to take some basic math classes. Because Amazon is flat out the one making sense. You like your editor, fine. Tell your editor to talk to the accountants.

Oh, and the money Hachette has spent on this little spitting match is money they could’ve spent doing silly things like making a profit. But being French, they probably think the Government will subsidize their failure.

Link provided for fact checking, where Business Insider agrees Amazon destroys Hachette:

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