A Book Review: Monster Hunter’s Nemesis

Do writer’s post reviews of other author’s books? Hmm. Well, we’re asked to on Goodreads right? So yes, with some trepidation, I’ll begin posting them for current works I finish here. Not sure I’ll do it for ‘legacy’ reading. Though that might be fun. But what better place to start than the esteemed International Lord of Hate, High Prince of the Evil League of Darkness: Larry Correia and his latest entry into the Dragon Hoard of Money producing Monster Hunter’s Series.

This is still Larry Correia, I still devoured the book. If you know the Monster Hunter series, you know what you’re getting: Full-on action, lots of guns, monsters, and macabre done for people who aren’t so stupid as to run upstairs and leave them trapped by the bad guy. His action scenes are alongside Jim Butcher’s for the best in fiction today. And this has lots of them. I gave it a 4 of 5 stars on Goodreads. If I were grading it on a traditional system, I’d call it a B+. Why?

Well, I do have a few niggles:

1) Franks isn’t my favorite character. An entire book with him as the primary character didn’t make for the best center. Even if he tends to be at the heart of the chaos in the series. That said, he doesn’t quite become so annoying that he becomes a negative. Rather he’s just…there until things start blowing up.

2) There are a few too many real-world dimes dropped on the political situation in this one for my liking. They don’t add anything to the story, and while it’s hard to ignore the current climate ‘entirely’ in a world fairly near to this one, I’m no more impressed with slagging off the President in text than I am Jamie Fox trying to turn Obama into an action hero. This is, again a minor niggle. But taken together, it’s enough to knock my enjoyment in total down to a (still lustrous) four stars.

That said, when the action ramps up, no one does it better than Larry Correia. And only Jim Butcher does it AS well. And seeing Franks get torn to pieces, put back together, and running on fumes is, despite my not-love for him, great fun. So yes, a very good read. Not a drop-dead fantastic one, like Warbound was for me, or Skin Game by Jim Butcher (which will probably be my next choice, just because JB). But still absurdly good.

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