Well, I Never Thought Such a Good Result

Could feel so much like a loss. Gutted by that Portuguese dagger at the end. But then, we stole a game with a similar strike. Soccer is a cruel game, but it often has a certain wicked symmetry. 

Still, one thing that’s always true: I’m never ashamed of the way this team plays. The US Men’s team plays every game with grit and resolve and never-say-die. We’re not the best technicians on the ball. But we never, ever, give up. And most fans, people who actually follow the team, when they saw THE GROUP OF DEATH, would’ve said, “If the US gets four points, that’s an accomplishment.”

Well, we have four points. And the job isn’t quite done yet. One more game to go. But it might not have to be as rugged as the first two. Not saying the US knows how to play for ties. But both teams know the score. And both the US and Germany can advance with a draw. No one knows how to massage a scoreline like the Germans. Then again, I could be talking out my hat, and both teams could charge at each other for three points. Who knows in this World Cup? Best thing to do is root for Portugal to down Ghana by 1 goal. Draw for them works too. Whole lot of scenarios work, which is a lot better than many people hoped for the US when we saw the draw back in December. 

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