Honestly Compels Me to Admit

That with the World Cup having begun, even though I’m only a few chapters from the end of the Third book of my Sword, Sandal, and Sorcery, that it’s very likely I might still be not-quite-finished with it at the end of the tournament. 😛

Hopefully I’ll do a little better than that. But I actually went backwards today…yeah. You know that moment when you realize the part you’re writing doesn’t match what you planned from the previous time the PoV appeared? whoops! 

I should be able to fix that. But I’ll need to focus a little bit. Which with Spain and the Netherlands about to play, it’ll take a little bit. 😉


6 thoughts on “Honestly Compels Me to Admit

    • I played when I was in High School, and coached for a number of years as well. Lots more watch it these days, now that it can actually be found in various places on TV.

      • Over here soccer is king, queen and master – for a long time only connoisseurs knew about things like tennis or other such (but hey, we have an awesome tennis player now! Woot!).

        Your strange US sports remain strange to pretty much everyone I know. Sure, we watch American movies and shows all the bloody time – I personally just saw Jerry Maguire, and I watched all the seasons of Glee, bar the latest, and that’s just recently – but try and find someone who knows what the rules are. I did. Everybody draws a blank. Hollywood never explains, because it thinks it should be clear to everyone and we never, erm, looked it up?

        Should check wiki. One day.

      • That’s ok. We get announcers who explain the rules of hockey and footy to everyone here too. And the rules the Not-Football League uses are changed often enough to be arcane to most casual viewers here. And I end up ‘explaining’ them to the TV for the announcers often enough. 😛

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