Amazon and Pricing

Really, Amazon is not the enemy. They are not a monopoly. And unlike the Big 5, they’re not afraid of choice. Are they ruthless? Sure. Guess what? That’s the world of retail business. Nothing new there. Be a smart shopper, and you’ve nothing to worry about.

Cedar Writes

keep calm publishingGood Morning! Yes, I’m going there again. Frankly, I didn’t want to, hadn’t planned to, and really, why am I? Well, because I spent a significant chunk of time last night explaining to two different people the realities of Amazon, and rather than have to repeat myself in the coming days, I’m doing this now. Besides, it’s art day, and I don’t have art for you, I have been writing. Snippet is up Thursday, though, along with a cover reveal!

Here is how it works. Amazon is a seller of books (and pretty much anything else in the world you’d care to buy, but that isn’t the point today). The publisher sets the price. I’ll say that again, the publisher, whether traditional, indie, self, or whatever you want to call yourself, sets the list price. When it comes to paper books, this might be, say, 15.99, for a 350…

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