The Victimy Victim Victimized Competition

Love the bit about if you weren’t laughed at/teased/beaten in school, you were geeking wrong. So true. Especially when you’re a small boy who is the son of the most physically intimidating police officer on a small town’s force.

According To Hoyt

So, I’ve been following all sorts of Victimhood arguments on Facebook. By “following” you should understand “sometimes I can’t look away fast enough.”

In my community (O, my people!) they were sparked by the usual suspect, who wants everyone to know she’s more victim than thou, and who will, d*mn it, carry her point, even if she has to sharpen it herself. Kate goes over that mess, which frankly, I couldn’t read in full. It appears to me that some people are so sure of their own lack of talent that they must seize on whining and pretend victimhood to be important. Whatever.

But it brings us to another point.

Most of you know I grew up in another country, right? A Latin country, with different ideas of standing and honor. I was two when my dad informed me that Legionnaires don’t cry, after I skinned my knee and threw…

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