Fisking the Guardian’s Village Idiot: Part 1

Yes, it was so nice to see Godzilla as a parody for the military-industrial complex. Oh wait. That’s not how I saw it. On the Contrary, the military in the movie wasn’t played as ‘evil’ at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure Godzilla went out of his way NOT to attack the US Navy and Marines. But I bet Damien missed that part.

Monster Hunter Nation

Damian Walter is that dude over at the Guardian who made shit up about me before. That time he put words in my mouth, said that I warned writers not to write about gay characters if they want to remain commercial, and he even put it in quotes as if it was my actual words. That isn’t even close to what I said, or what I’ve actually done, and doesn’t match up with my real life actions, writing, or even the philosophies of other authors I’ve promoted, but hey, whatever.

Here is the last one:

Note, this is going to be two part Fisk, with today being the article, and tomorrow I’m going to go through Damien’s comments where he threatened me with some nebulous harm if I don’t apologize for and confess some sins, and then he went on Twitter to ask his followers to find bad things I’ve…

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