Nebulizing the Patriarchy

Because I will never match the awesome that is Sarah Hoyt with GIFs.

Oh, and for the record: I’m glad the Nebulas can now be given to writers who did not write EITHER science fiction OR fantasy in the genre sense of the terms. Now we can dispense with the illusion of SFWA being a guild of Science Fiction and Fantasy authors.

According To Hoyt

Okay, to everyone out there, celebrating the fact that all the Nebulas were won by women, and hardly mentioning the stories but only that “Squee, they were written by women!” I have one question to ask:

Do you hear yourselves?

Let’s turn this around. Let’s say that all the Nebula Awards this year were won by men and that men were out there celebrating “Take that, biatches, we showed those women that their science fiction writing sucks.”

It would look like this, right?

Yeah! There are things only men can do! Like drink. And write science fiction. And drink!

And of course you’d think that they only voted for these guys because they’re male.  I mean, that’s all they’re celebrating.

How does that sound to you, good?  An attractive image?

No? Shocking.  I wonder now if I can make it clear in another way.

Let’s suppose that only white writers…

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2 thoughts on “Nebulizing the Patriarchy

    • Incorrect spelling, factual errors, and an IP that won’t link. All for a 1 sentence drive-by comment. Yep. You’re a great guide to what’s well-written and what isn’t.

      I would’ve flagged this as spam. But mocking folly is more fun. 🙂

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