In Praise of Diversity

Real Diversity Goes Beyond Questions of “Privilege.”

According To Hoyt

Yesterday before I went to bed I had an idea for a blog post and in fact wrote half of it in my head. I can’t for the life of me remember what it was, except it started with a rather icky story from my childhood – but there are so many of those that I don’t remember which precisely.

So instead I decided to follow right up on what Kate was saying yesterday and jump onto “Diversity is our Strength.”

Has anyone ever proven that? I mean in the terms that PC understands diversity that is.

Look, when I was a kid, I had a group of five friends who gathered around for any group work. This was actually an issue as most teachers wanted groups of three. (The forms were usually 34 people, Portugal not having yet heard that low student to teacher ratio was essential for learning…

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