Ask Correia 15: Pacing

Larry Correia really is outstanding for pacing. Between he and Jim Butcher, I can finish 10 books in as many days. So this is worthwhile reading.

Monster Hunter Nation

I recently got this question on Facebook, and I started answering it, but then it ballooned into a really big response, so I figure that means it is time for another Ask Correia blog post:

Hey Larry. I have been reading a lot of your How To’s on writing and they’ve really helped me a lot. I came up with a question of my own after struggling to get my story together. In EVERY one of your books, your pacing is perfect. You keep the reader intrigued from the first page and it is exciting all the way through, even if the characters are just eating breakfast. I was wondering how you keep the pace so perfect for each book and don’t dive into so many different events that the reader would just lose track of? When I put my story together I realized that it was just a mess…

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