Well, that was an odd way to finish a book.

I tend to be a very linear writer. I have an outline, I think I know where the story will come out when I start it, and I move through pretty much in sequence. Very rarely has jumping ahead to write something and then ‘filling in the gaps’ between worked for me. In fact, just the opposite. Because now I’ve committed my characters to a particular set of actions that must follow, regardless of what their inclinations would suggest. Whereas in the way I typically work, if I see a player fighting against the outline, as it were, I can introduce a new set of circumstances, or a tweak to the flow, and adjust for their ‘grievances’ as it were.

But this time, I got to the end of the sword & sandal, and I realized I liked the symbolism and foreshadowing more than if I included one more chapter with my Legion Commander. But I wanted another chapter with him ‘before’ the end, to show where their plotline was heading. So I backed up and added a scene at the beginning of the final third, rather than at the end.

Then I was going to add a prologue, but it’s one of those moments where I like it when I think about it. But when I start putting it on the page, I say ‘meh.’ So I’ll leave it for now, and maybe things will firm up for one as time goes by. Or maybe not. 😉 In any case, it’s the strangest end for a book I’ve had. Of course, it’s always a little different when you write the ending of the early book in a series. I want a firm ending. But it has to be one that points ahead too. Even with my Steampunk, each book comes to pretty much a full stop. I don’t do cliffhangers or leave GIANT dangling plots. Rather I pick up where the world is from before, and begin to spin a new danger from that. (Though if I ever do a full-on war for the Steampunk series, that might change, hehe.)

So here I am, it’s almost September, and I just finished a book. If I start something new in the next couple weeks, it’ll probably run into NaNo, which means I might not be able to participate in it (not fair if I don’t have at least 50,000 words left, at least). On the other hand, going two months without writing would feel like cutting off my hands at this point.

I might sit down and redraft Clockwork Malevolence, the second Griffin Tales book. On the whole, the plot to that is probably the most convoluted of anything I’ve written. And I think I could make it a little less opaque, without taking away the twists, if I redraft. I’ll have to reread it and decide.

But still, I finished another rough draft. The story came out where it was supposed to. And I like the tale, even though the title isn’t leaving me all a quitterpated right now. I’m sure that will come in time. 😉

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