Ladies First


Specifically, Mistress Katharina Tomiko Marquering, the female protagonist of The Iron Conqueror, and the Griffin Tales that follow. Born in the ‘Orient’ of my world (though that’s the west in Sibanenne), but raised in the Union of Vravan as the daughter of missionaries. She is a woman of two worlds, and yet truly welcome in neither. She is well aware of her ‘outsider’ status, and yet cherishes the freedom her adopted homeland allows her.

But her Zouxing heritage manifests in her Mystic talents. Born a sorceress, she becomes a student of the history and culture of her homelands to aid in using her gift wisely. Katharina is always balancing her desire to be a properly pious lady with the knowledge that her talent demands greater discipline, responsibility, and opportunity to protect what she loves.

Petite, yet possessed of a keen intellect, she is a research assistant to her father, who is the Professor of Zouxing Studies at the University of Heideren. She is somewhat frosty to those who do not intrigue her, and yet open and caring to those who capture her interest. She is not without her frivolous side, though few ever see it.

The enigma that is her background becomes a catalyst in The Iron Conqueror. And as she learns about herself, she discovers her enemies are not far from finding out the truth either. And they will not be pleased about what they have learned.

(Character render by Suzi Amberson, aka Kachinadoll on dA, at my request.)


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