Another Dose of Steampunk Goodness.

Welcome to the Iron Conqueror. Kachinadoll from deviantArt made this as the front cover artwork for The Iron Conqueror.

She made a flawless image of Katharina a year back which I will share when I describe her in the future. And she captured something of Cage’s Devil-May-Care Cavalry attitude as well.

And what would be proper Steampunk without future-that-never-was tech? And if it has Gatling Guns for arms, what better way to ruin your day?

Over the next few days, I hope to share a glimpse into the world and characters of the story. Something to help you become familiar with the world of my stories, and maybe entice you to come a little further.

Until then, be sure to like this on dA for Suzi, because she did amazing work. 🙂

Another Dose of Steampunk Goodness.

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