Flexing the Editing Muscles

I had significant distractions this weekend, so there was no chance of doing any new writing until a few moments ago. Thinking that tending to this might encourage my creative impulses, I (hunts for the next word) pluck at the keyboard and hope my brief discomfort provides you with solace, entertainment, or both.

We saw Despicable Me 2, and despite not thinking I would, I liked it. I also liked the interview with Steve Carroll where he said he had no great drive to do dramatic works, and enjoyed his comedic life. It’s always good to know what you’re good at.

The distractions that stole my focus (coming in threes that all start with the same letter), forced me to catch up in my editing on the project that convinced me to begin this blog. What would that be? Ah! I’m not ready to tell quite yet. But I did make five chapters’ worth of progress. I’m almost halfway done with the rewrite, and I touched up the map to fix earlier errors and generally aid in its readability.

I also viewed the preliminary of the reverse cover last night, and I like it. Now I have to write the blurb to go with it. But I am getting excited. *wrings hands together with evil glee*

Editing is less enjoyable than writing to me, but easier. I suppose I have a good idea as I go through how I wanted the words to sound, and as I reread them, it becomes easier to put them in place than when I was just trying to get them on a page the first time around.  I can’t say there’s anything ornate about my process. I don’t tear each sentence down and start it over. I do drop a lot of dialog tags, as a goodly percentage of them are explained by accompanying action. I also try to set the flow so that I alternate between name and pronoun, and only add in a third descriptor when it’s either appropriate, or there are simply too many uses of the character’s name in succession. Or when 2 people are speaking of the same gender, then I may drop “she” from one, and include a title of some sort.

I just answered a question about Book 2 of my Sword & Sandal’s plot as I wrote this. One of my problems was why a certain character would stay in a place as long as I had her. What about her quest if she’s staying there. Just now it hit me that she sees a way to end her quest prematurely. To fix things before they get out of hand.

Does it end well? Welll, it is book 2 of an intended 5, you take a guess.

Still, that’s a ways away, seeing as I’m not halfway through the first book. If you want to meet the characters from that, you can find one story here: http://fav.me/d6bpie2, and the other here: http://fav.me/d68o3n5

On a completely unrelated note, good to see Landon Donovan on the pitch and playing well for the USMNT. Sure, it was Guatemala. But while I agree LD should have had to play his way back into the squad, we’re going to need him in Brazil.

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