Am I the Only One

That finds WordPress hates Firefox? I switched primary browsers from Chrome back to Mozilla the other day. And of course, the accompanying pain of switching passwords and trying to remember which ones were active for which sites ensued. But despite resetting my account here and being able to get into WordPress on Chrome just fine, it still tells my Firefox browser to get bent.


Shall Cthulhu Be Overthrown?


Bringing this back to the front in light of a new wave of Lovecraft hate. I commented on the Dread International Lord of Hate Larry Correia’s blog here: on this subject.

My original argument still stands: Octavia Butler may have been a moving writer to many people. She did not however, EVER write fantasy. Period. Move along, folks. I’ll entertain renaming the award when you name an author who actually wrote in the genre.

Originally posted on The Worlds of Tarien Cole:

So the Progressive March through Science Fiction and Fantasy continues apace. Not being sated by ensuring the dreaded Sad Puppy slate was skunked (Despite Toni Weisskopf having more 1st place ballots than anyone and clearly meriting the award on more than one occasion. But hey, anyone who doesn’t support the Group Think abrogates all minority status for their evil independent thoughts.), now the Glittering Ones wish to cast down H.P. Lovecraft as the image of the World Fantasy Award and replace him with Octavia Butler. In true Progressive Fashion, they’ve gone to Change.Org, so we can have the White House talk about things other than what truly matters. Because they’ve done so well at handling the economy, foreign policy, and Ferguson.

OK. I get it, H.P. Lovecraft is a very problematic person to uphold as a patron. His racial statements were difficult even in the time, and only become…

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An Interesting List of Bioware Companions

To me Tali, Morrigan, and Leliana should be higher. Tali because she’s just barking funny. Especially in ME2 with her Drone battlecries. Not to mention the drone just rocks in that game. That said, I’ll grant she’s a YMMV character. And maybe I’m weird, but I empathized with Leliana’s story. And I don’t think she ever ‘forgot’ her devotion. She just increasingly comes to see the Warden as the means for that.

And the complaint on Morrigan is…weird. What, she shouldn’t be powerful? She was trained by Flemeth. She can’t learn about the world? That’s what she went with the Warden to do, (and well, have Archdemon-Baby). It’s at least 10 years post DA:Origins by the time Inquisition comes around. And with the division in the Chantry, it’s will to deal with ‘apostates’ ain’t what it was.

Other than those, I’m OK with the list. I’d drop Shale down, because I find the ‘it’ dialogue from the golem annoying. And yes, Anders in DA:2 is one of the worst decisions ever. Not only is he a nutjob that forces Hawke to harbor a mass-murdering terrorist. But his story in the second game destroys his entire backstory and timeline in DA:Awakenings. It’s quite possibly the sloppiest bit of writing Bioware has done.

The list also (accidentally?) excluded Bethany/Carver from DA:2. But in keeping with those companions, they’re weaker than the other games.

You Know, I Can Think of Better Uses for $1,000,000

But apparently Gawker had to double down on stupid so hard in #Gamersgate that they spent that much trashing game-players.

And yet, their President and a chief editor STILL went down in flames over it. Yeah, so perhaps the Mainstream Media might want to reconsider who is ‘winning’ on this issue. Because you don’t see any of the defenders knifing their own to survive. But hey, Gawker-owned Kotaku would rather defend the sexual freedom of a person trading horizontal favors for positive reviews. When you set your standard for journalistic integrity THAT low, it’s probably no surprise heads are rolling.

So I’m saying Arrow is Going to the Lazarus Pits.

My guess is his old ‘host’ knows Oliver didn’t really murder Sara, and gives him the dip to bring him back.

Given that while Arrow as a series is in the crunchier/realistic end of the DC universe, this might seem a cheat. Except that Flash has been in play as well. So there’s no reason to believe the Pits couldn’t exist.

Seeing as the rumor mill says that the 1st 3 post-break episodes will be Canary-centric, I think this will give Star City a chance to break again while its protector is away. The 1st half of the season was rather introspective. And at times that might have seemed problematic. But I think it paid off in the end, as explanation for why Oliver would take Thea’s place.

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Interview with Jean Rabe


You know, the problem with being perpetually offended, is that sometimes you end up turning off the very sort of people you should be using as example. Like say, Jean Rabe.

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Edward Stasheff, the son of Fantasy Master Christopher Stasheff, and a writer in his own right, contacted me not too long ago and asked if the Mad Genius Club would be interested in hosting an interview with Jean Rabe. I almost broke my fingers answering back yes. I’ll tell you how happy I was, I was replying to an email on my phone. I read emails on my phone, but I hate typing on it, so I usually wait to be back in this office. Not this time. I’d like to heartily thank Ed, and warmly welcome the redoubtable Jean Rabe to the Mad Genius Club. Thank you both! 

Jean Rabe (pronounced RAY-BEE) is a prolific science fiction and fantasy author of thirty-one novels and more than seventy short stories, and is particularly well known for her contributions to the Dragonlance series.  On top of all that, she’s also…

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Lewis Beale Has Appointed Himself the Czar of Sci-Fi

And he doesn’t have a clue it began before Asimov as his screed indicates here:

He tries to convince us the first commercial Sci-fi was Star Wars. Should we discuss Star Trek, from a decade before? Or Flash Gordon or the entire sub-genre of pulp fiction sci-fi?

His claims as to ‘smart’ sci-fi not being made movies is laughable, given the immediate concessions that are. Not to mention that Johnny Mnemonic was a Gibson short story, as was Blade Runner. And oh, btw, may I note there is a script for Neuromancer being developed presently? Sorry to break your heart on that.

And then he says Matrix was original. Did he note the second and third entirely annihilated its own mythology and emptied the 1st of meaning? Did he forget that Grant Morrison believes it to be a plagiarization of his own The Invisibles.

At least he doesn’t claim Glittry Good, Not-Glittery Bad.

And here’s the kicker: Not all ‘smart’ sci-fi is good. And even he is forced to admit Star Wars & Empire Strikes Back were good movies. Star Trek II is one of the best sci-fi movies to be made, and that despite it being in one of the most pulp of all franchises. Now I’m not saying smart sci-fi is necessarily bad, either. I consider Babylon 5 smart, even when I disagree with some of its messaging. It’s still my favorite series of all time. I can watch Blade Runner marathons of nothing but the various versions.

And I can enjoy everything in Star Wars up to the Ewoks, and the Thrawn books within the Expanded Universe, before it was rendered defunct. The problem with Lewis Beale’s article is he gets the problem with Star Wars exactly wrong. The Prequels weren’t bad because they were pulp. The Prequels were bad because they forgot the joy of the optimism inherent to Space Opera. The Prequels failed because they became obsessed with their own importance–and in no small part because they attempted ‘smart’ messages that didn’t fit the nature of the story. And the less said about political commentary in the Prequels the better.

The issue isn’t ‘smart’ or ‘pulp.’ And we all want to talk about ‘original’ stories. But honestly, what’s ‘novel’ to the first person is trite to the second. What matters is trying to tell a good story. Not concerning yourself with how ‘smart’ or ‘edgy’ or ‘novel’ it is. Rather, does it take us someplace we don’t want to leave? On an adventure we want to be part of? With characters we enjoy, even if we’ve seen them before? If yes? Then we have the potential of a ripping yarn. If not, it’s going to disappoint.